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Autor: Rohan Murray

  • Revisar fecha: 22/03/2019
  • Calificación promedio:

Great product. Mixes well, and works to increase my strength and size. Love it!

Autor: Zak Byrne

  • Revisar fecha: 02/10/2018
  • Calificación promedio:

Its consistency is the best. Don't stop taking it a least for a month. If you want, you can take a little break and start. I personally think that this has to do a lot with my workout gaming. Just make sure to follow the instructions and how to take it.

Autor: Michael Saunders

  • Revisar fecha: 14/09/2018
  • Calificación promedio:

Hands down to this product! This is the most drinkable stuff of protein I've tried. I can drink it straights as it is, I don't mix it with anything cause it does not have any odd taste on it. I will be definitely be buying again.

Autor: Beau Butler

  • Revisar fecha: 03/07/2018
  • Calificación promedio:

The protein does the job. It's every economical I can say, for the price of this powder it does a lot better. Wanna know my favourite part? It doesn't form any lumps when you mix it with anything.

Autor: Cayden Reid

  • Revisar fecha: 17/01/2018
  • Calificación promedio:

Best on the online market. The powders are finer and easier to mix and digest, I never had any problems with this product, to be honest. Also, don't forget to drink a lot of water too.

Autor: Robin Howard

  • Revisar fecha: 24/07/2017
  • Calificación promedio:

I just started taking it for weeks now, but I already notice some good results. I will let you know after I consume all of this. Cross fingers that it will continuously work for me.

Autor: Parker Berry

  • Revisar fecha: 21/06/2017
  • Calificación promedio:

I am an active bodybuilder and I stopped for a year. I want to get back my old body, I didn't stop searching for the right product for me. My trainer had the same situation as me and he recommended this supplement. He said that this has 5g of BCAAs which I really needed to ensure my fitness goals. I've been taking it for a long time now. I usually stop, but when I think I'm doing it wrong, I'm taking it again.

Autor: Dominic Murphy

  • Revisar fecha: 27/12/2016
  • Calificación promedio:

I have been using this continuously for months now. I follow their instructions which is 1 scoop only and I mix it with my squash and it does not give me any indigestion or bloating. Also, I noticed that the powder is perfectly milled meaning it dissolves if you mix with anything and I love it!

Autor: Jesse Parry

  • Revisar fecha: 25/10/2016
  • Calificación promedio:

I use this as a pre-workout supplement. It helped me a lot, but I just noticed it after some takes.

Autor: Denis Gray

  • Revisar fecha: 22/07/2015
  • Calificación promedio:

Easy to use! Highly recommended guys.

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